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Issuers and investors, freely manage and trade your securities, with the blockchain technology.

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Our Secondary Market

Find companies that want to refinance their activity by selling some of their securities before the closing date.

How does Refundia Work ?

Refundia's advantages


Qualified securities

To guaranty secured exchanges, Refundia screens every security that is submitted. We only display on our platform the securities whose payment is up to date. We also accompany our users in every on-chain cession operation to ensure that each transaction is secure.


A charter for more transparancy

To ensure that our users adhere to the same rules of conduct, Refundia implemented a club governed by a charter of good conduct. In this club, each adherent will have a privileged connexion with the other members. They will also have access to "club deals"


A simplified transfer process

Once your securities are digitized, you will have access to a new transfer process. The transfer of ownership over the securities will now be instantaneous once the transaction has been authenticated. Through our partnership with Budget Insight, Refundia put two payment methods. You can either use account-to-account transfers or the Instant Payment system.

Manage your securities with more ease


Ensure the safety of your securities through digitalization

The Blockchain solution helps you digitize your securities. In a simple click you will be able to refresh the status of your securities. Furthermore, by using tokens, you gain an additional layer of safety as well as fluidity for every transfer.


No more intermediaries

Save time and money as you use our platform thanks to “over-the-counter” exchanges. On Refundia, you are in direct contact with other users for the transactions to ease the buying process.


A more autonomous management of your securities

At Refundia, we provide all our users with display panels, that enable you to manage your debt securities movement register as well as the portfolio containing the securities you have purchased. For a safer management, we also implemented a multiple signatures system :

∙ Account-to-account settlement with the SEPA transfer

∙ Instant Payment

Find companies that want to refinance their activity by selling some of their securities before the closing date.

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